Associate of Science in Chemistry

The two-year program is designed to prepare students to work in industry and/or assist in a chemical laboratory.

General Education Requirements: 31.5-32 hours

Concentration in Chemistry (26 hours)

Required Courses in Chemistry:
CH114 General Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis (3) and CH114L (1)
CH221 Quantitative Analysis (3) and CH221L (1)
CH341 Organic Chemistry (3) and CH341L (1)
CH342 Organic Chemistry (3) and CH342L (1)

Required Related Courses (10 hours):
Mathematics courses as approved by advisor
Two (2) from the following (8 hours):
BI101 General Biology I (3) with BI101L (1) and BI102 General Biology II (3) with BI102L (1) or
PH111 General Physics I (3) with PH111L (1) and PH112 General Physics II (3) with PH112L (1) 

Electives (To complete Min. 60 Hours)

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