BA or BS in Criminal Justice

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (21-24 Hours)
Humanities or Fine Arts:
When choosing a Humanities course, see guidelines.
When choosing a Fine Arts course, see guidelines.
 9 hours (BA)  6 hours (BS)
Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PY, PS, or SO): See guidelines. 3 hours (BA)  6 hours (BS)
Science: See guidelines. 3-4 hours
BA Foreign Language (a single language)      
BS Analytical Skills: See guidelines.
6-8 hours6 hours
Criminal Justice Major Requirements (30 Hours)
CJ100  Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
CJ202  Criminal Law (3)
CJ270  Criminal Procedure (3)
CJ301  Constitutional Aspects of Criminal Justice (3)
CJ331  Research Design and Data Analysis (3)
CJ480  Senior Thesis (3) (Capstone) 
One (1) from the following:
CJ314  Social Deviance (3)
CJ315  Criminology (3) 
Guided Electives in Criminal Justice (9 hours) selected from the following:
AC313  Fraud Examination (3)
CJ201  Police Organization and Management (3)
CJ203  History of Corrections & Penal Institutions (3)
CJ204  Global Crime (3)
CJ206  Criminal Investigation I (3)
CJ260/360  Special Problems in Criminal Justice (3)
CJ268/368  Internship in Criminal Justice (3)
CJ290/390  Special Topics in Criminal Justice (3)
CJ304  Capital Punishment (3)
CJ306  Serial Crime and Profiling (3)
CJ308  American Constitutional Law (3)CJ309  Law in American Society (3)CJ316  Criminal Investigation II (3)
CJ318  Juvenile Justice (3)
CJ330  Principles of Public Administration (3)CJ350  Policing in a Democracy (3)
Minor and Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours)
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