Special Education, Mild-Moderate Disabilities K-12

The undergraduate programs provided by the Division of Professional Education at Central Methodist University offer a rigorous and comprehensive initial educator preparation program in Mild-Moderate Disabilities. The program reflects the most recent Council for Exceptional Children and State of Missouri professional standards. Please note that courses with the SE discipline code are offered only online.

The standards-based curriculum features:

  1. a commitment to the preparation of reflective education practitioners to serve in both rural and urban environments;
  2. a commitment to a curriculum that is inculcated with a global perspective that values and appreciates the contributions of a multicultural student population;
  3. a common core of courses for all Special Education majors;
  4. a series of fieldwork experiences that provide opportunities for early application of performance stan­dards concurrent with courses containing related knowledge standards;
  5. a series of fieldwork experiences that provide opportunities for early and on-going investigation of the needs and oppor­tunities for teaching in rural and urban environments;
  6. a full semester capstone student teaching experience;
  7. a performance-based evaluation system.

CMU has a chapter of the Student Missouri State Teachers Association (SMSTA). All students who are interested in a career in education must join a professional organization by their senior year. The Missouri State Teachers Association is the sponsoring organization (advisor: Prof. Barb Thurmon).

BSE, Special Education: Mild-Moderate Disabilities K-12 - minimum 124 hours

General Education Requirements*: 34 hours minimum
Tier Two Requirements: 18 hours 
*Required: PY210; PY223; MA224; ED122

Professional Education (21 Hours) 
ED101 Foundations of Education, Diversity, and ELL (2) 
ED102 Field Experience I (1) 
ED453 General Methods of Teaching (3) 
ED454 Student Teaching Seminar/Methods (2) 
ED462 Student Teaching (10) 
PY342 Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2) 
PY343 Psychology of the EC Practicum (1) 

Elementary 1-6 Certification Requirements (51 Hours) 

ED103  Child Development (2) 
ED315  Reading and Writing with Young Children (4) 
ED318  Reading Assessment and Instruction (3) 
ED319  Reading Practicum (1) 
ED320 Reading & Writing in Middle School (3) 
ED324  Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary/Middle School (3) 
ED326  Children’s Literature (3) 
ED329  Emergent Language (2) 
ED345 Teaching Elementary Science (2) 
ED346 Teaching Elementary Social Studies (2) 
SE203   Introduction to Special Education – MMD K-12 (3) 
SE223   Career Development (2) 
SE233   Special Education Processes (2) 
SE311  Curriculum Methods MMD K-12 (4) 
SE313   Counseling in Special Education (2) 
SE321   Diagnostic & Prescriptive Procedures (3) 
SE340   Mathematics Instruction for Special Needs Students (2) 
SE341   Literacy Instruction for Special Needs Students (2) 
SE345  Classroom & Behavior Management (3) or ED313 Classroom Management (3) 
EN211  Grammar for Educators (3) 



Last updated: 07/06/2021