BSE, Technology and Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Education w/ a Major in Technology & Engineering (MO Certification)

Min. 120 Hours

General Education Requirements: 34 hours
*Required: EN306

Tier Two Requirements: 8-9 hours 
*Suggested: ED122

Professional Education (41-42 Hours)
ED101 Foundations of Education, Diversity, and ELL (2)
ED102 Field Experience I (1)
ED105 Field Experience II (0-1)
ED350 Education Methodology (2)
ED313 Classroom and Behavior Management in the Middle and Secondary Classroom (3)
ED370TE Methods of Teaching T&E (3)
ED453 General Methods of Teaching (3)
ED454 Student Teaching Seminar/Methods (2)
ED462 Student Teaching (10)
ED470 Instructional Int. for Students with Reading Deficits (3)
ED471 Teaching Reading in the Content Area (3)
PY210 Educational Psychology (3)
PY223 Developmental Psychology (3)
PY342 Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)
PY343 Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum (1)

Technology & Engineering (9-12) certification requirements (36 Hours)
*These courses must be taken at Moberly Area Community College (or deemed equivalent). The following courses are transferable only for BSE-TE students.

Required courses:
IND110 Industrial Print Reading (3)
IND101 Fund of Industrial Maintn. (3)

6 hours of the following:
IND200 Mechanical Systems(3)
IND105 Fluid Power Prin (3)
EET100 DC/AC Electronics (3)
EET111 Elect Motor Controls (3)

6 hours of the following:
WLD101 Welding I (3)
MSP101 Machine Tool (3)
EET213 Proc Control & Inst (3)

12 hours of the following:
EET101 Industrial Electricity (3)
EET110 Digital Elec & Control (3)
MSP102 Machine Tool II (3)
WLD102 Welding II (3)
MSP220 CNC Programming
EET216 Advanced Mechatronics (3)
EET220 Industrial Robotics (3)

6 hours of the following:
IND100 Industrial Safety & Manufacturing Processes (3)
MSP222 CNC Operations (3)
INd295 Ind Tech Internship (3)

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