BSE, Physical Education 5-12 Cert.

BSE, Physical Education, K-12 Certification - Min. 120 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Required Courses from General Education:
BI 106 Human Biology (4) and BI106L Lab
PE111 Wellness (1)                                     
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (9 Hours)
Additional Science with or without Lab: . 3-4 hours
ED122 Education Technology 2 hours
Humanities or Fine Arts:
When choosing a Humanities course, see guidelines.
When choosing a Fine Arts course, see guidelines.
3 hours
Professional Education (37 Hours)
ED101  Foundations of Education (2)
ED102 Field Experience I (1)
ED105 Field Experience II (0-1)
ED313 Classroom Behavior Management (3)
Ed350 Education Methodology (2)
ED453  Education as a Profession (2)
ED454  Student Teaching Seminar/Methods (2)
ED370PE  Special Teaching Methods –Physical Education (3)
ED462  Student Teaching (10)
ED471  Teaching Reading in the Content Area (3)
PY210  Educational Psychology (3)
PY223  Developmental Psychology (3)
PY342  Psychology of the Exceptional Child (2)
PY343  Psychology of the Exceptional Child Practicum (1)
Physical Education K-12 certification requirements (48 Hours)
PE103 Lifetime Activities and Dance (3)
PE202  Motor Learning and Motor Dev.(3)
PE203  Intro. to Exercise Science (2)
PE210  Personal and Community Health (2)
PE212  First Aid/Community CPR (2)
PE216  Nutrition and Athletic Performance (3)
PE217  Foundations of Physical Education (3)
PE221 Psych and Soc Aspects of PE (3)
ED370HE Methods of Teaching Health and Care of Injuries (2)
PE219  Fundamentals of Rhythm & Movement & Dance (3)
PE322  Teaching Elementary School Physical Education (3)
PE323  First Aid, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
PE324  Human Anatomy and Kinesiology (4)
PE325 Methods of Teaching Ind. and Team Sports (3)
PE327  Physiology of Exercise (3)
PE328  Adapted Physical Education (3)
PE339  Methods and Techniques for Tests & Measurements in Physical Education (3)
Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours)
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