BA or BS in Physics

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Physics - Min. 120 Hours

General Education Requirements: 29.5-33 hours

Additional General Education Requirements: 21-24 hours
*Students should take CH111 and CH111L; CH114 and CH114L; MA118 as part of the general education and additional gen. ed. requirements.

*Student seeking a BA should complete a minimum of 6 credit hours in a single foreign language. 

Physics Major Requirements (33 Hours)
MA209  Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (5)
PH205  Calculus Physics (3) and PH205L (2)
PH206  Calculus Physics (3) and PH206L (2)
PH307  Modern Physics (3)
PH322  Scientific Instrumentation (3) and PH322L (1)
SC225  Interdisciplinary Science Seminar (1)
SC425  Science Seminar (1) (Capstone)

One (1) from the following:
PH460  Special Problem (Capstone) (3)
SC464PH  Undergraduate Research (Capstone)(Physics) (3)
SC468PH  Internship (Capstone) (3) 

Additional hours in Physics (6) 

Electives to complete min. 120 hours
*MA308 and MA315 are highly recommended elective courses.

Last updated: 04/20/2020