Political Science

Mission Statement

The Division of Social Sciences offers a bachelors degree program in political science which is designed to provide the student with a solid grounding in American political institutions, international relations, comparative political systems, public law, and political philosophy. Throughout the curriculum the student is encouraged to critically examine the nature of relationships between citizens and the state as well as between states. 

The Political Science major prepares students for successful careers in government service, law, policy advocacy, business management, and finance, as well as advanced study in political science. 

The political science major is often used as the preliminary step toward professional training in the law or advanced study in political science or public administration. The political science program provides students with opportunities for independent studies, field experiences and internships. A pre-law program is also available.

The Political Science Major has the option of graduating with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree.

Political Science Program Outcomes

Library, archival and database research

  • Students will display a capacity to effectively employ library, archival and electronic databases for research purposes.

Research design and data collection proficiency

  • Students will be able to design a clear research question, collect relevant data and construct a narrative analyzing their findings.

Political science knowledge

Students will display familiarity with the major authors, works, and theories of the canon of political science in each of the following sub-disciplines:

  • American Political Institutions and Processes including public law
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Political Systems (Area Studies)

Research communication proficiency

  • Students will be able to present, discuss and defend their own research at a high level of professional discourse.


Majors and Minors

Major Minor

BA or BS in Political Science Political Science Minor
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