BA in English

Bachelor of Arts in English - Min. 120 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (21-24 Hours)
Humanities or Fine Arts:
When choosing a Humanities course, see guidelines.
When choosing a Fine Arts course, see guidelines.
9 hours
Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PY, PS, or SO): See guidelines. 3 hours
Science: See guidelines. 3-4 hours
Foreign Language (a single language) 6-8 hours
English Major Requirements (36 Hours)
EN312  Language and Linguistics (3)
EN410  Senior Thesis (3) (Capstone)

Three (3) Literature surveys from the following:
EN323  American Literature I (3)
EN324  American Literature II (3)
EN340  British Literature I (3)
EN342  British Literature II (3)   
Seven (7) courses from the following: The remaining survey course may count for credit in the major.
EN211  Grammar for Educators (3)
EN212  Introduction to Cinema (3)
EN216  Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
EN224  Topics/Movements in Literature (3)
EN236  Young Adult Literature (3)
EN238  Comics and Graphic Novels (3)
EN320 Inscape: Literary Magazine Editing & Publication (3)
EN334  Major Authors in Literature (3)
EN335  Shakespeare (3)
EN348  Advanced Literary Studies (3)
EN350  Topics in Writing (3) EN420 Advance Literary Magazine Editing & Publication (3)
Minor and Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours)
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