Competency in written and oral communication and in reading is basic not only to effective civic responsibility and vocational success, but to the satisfactory pursuit of college studies.

The English program at CMU will demonstrate that she or he has acquired knowledge of the history and development of anglophone literatures, both classic and modern; will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret literary texts, with awareness of the underlying assumptions that shape that understanding; will demonstrate the skills of drafting and revising a written text with a strong sense of organization, clarity, coherence, and style; will convey a deepened sense of the complexity and value of human life, as experienced through the literary arts and related areas of knowledge or creativity.  Demonstrated command of the essential and intertwined skills of critical reading and effective writing proves the English major's readiness for achievement in many areas—graduate school, law, medicine, business, journalism, and teaching.

CMU is home to the Mu Lambda Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society (Advisor: Dr. Travis Johnson).

CMU also has two pre-law chapters: Phi Alpha Delta is the national pre-law fraternity, and the Pre-Law Club is for upperclassmen who plan to enter the law profession (Advisor: Dr. John Carter).

English Program Outcomes

Participate in Discourse

  • Students will recognize and participate in discourses within the field of English.

Periods, Movements, and Genres

  • Students will draw on periods, movements, and genres to create new knowledge.


  • Students will analyze and evaluate language.

Composing Texts

  • Students will compose effective texts in multiple modalities.
Majors and Minors

Major Minor

BA in English with Cert. at the Secondary Level BA in English AA in English English Minor

EN110 - College Composition I - 3 Semester Hours

EN111 - College Composition II - 3 Semester Hours

EN190 - Special Topics - 3 Semester Hours

EN211 - Grammar for Educators - 3 Semester Hours

EN212 - Introduction to Cinema - 3 Semester Hours

EN216 - Introduction to Creative Writing - 3 Semester Hours

EN217 - Journalism - 3 Semester Hours

EN222 - Introduction to Literature - 3 Semester Hours

EN224 - Topics-Movements in Literature - 3 Semester Hours

EN236 - Young Adult Literature - 3 Semester Hours

EN238 - Comics and Graphic Novels - 3 Semester Hours

EN260 - Special Problems - 3 Semester Hours

EN268 - Internship and Field Experiences - 3 Semester Hours

EN290 - Special Topics - 3 Semester Hours

EN305 - Advanced Research Writing - 3 Semester Hours

EN306 - Technical Writing - 3 Semester Hours

EN312 - English Language and Linguistics - 3 Semester Hours

EN320 - Inscape Literary Magazine Editing and Publishing - 3 Semester Hours

EN323 - American Literature I - 3 Semester Hours

EN324 - American Literature II - 3 Semester Hours

EN334 - Major Authors in Literature - 3 Semester Hours

EN335 - Shakespeare - 3 Semester Hours

EN340 - British Literature I - 3 Semester Hours

EN342 - British Literature II - 3 Semester Hours

EN 348 - Advanced Literary Studies - 3 Semester Hours

EN350 - Topics in Writing - 3 Semester Hours

EN360 - Special Problems - 3 Semester Hours

EN368 - Internship and Field Experiences - 3 Semester Hours

EN390 - Special Topics - 3 Semester Hours

EN409 - Writing Research and Pedagogy - 3 Semester Hours

EN410 - Senior Thesis - 3 Semester Hours

EN420 - Inscape Advanced Literary Magazine Editing and Publication - 3 Semester Hours

EN460 - Special Problems - 3 Semester Hours

EN490 - Special Topics - 3 Semester Hours

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